Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen


Catalog: MOCCD13767
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1998
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627229149

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Adam Cohen writes radio-friendly tunes with catchy hooks throughout this debut album, and his lyrics are competent enough on love songs like “Beautiful As You” and “Amazing.” But when Adam is irritated, challenged, or downright pissed off, his anger and torment provide a springboard for darkly passionate art. This debut album has so much heart and soul, you feel all of his pain, and all of his joy. On this largely autobiographical, albeit a bit exaggerated album he takes you from childhood to adulthood, with memories good and bad. While the lyrics imply that he has taken on some of his father’s pain, it appears that he has all the emotions to be a great songwriter. His dad would be proud!

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1. Tell Me Everything
2. Cry Orphelia
3. Dont Mean Anything
4. This Pain
5. Quaterback
6. Sister
7. Beautiful As You
8. How The Mighty Have Fallen
9. Opposites Attract
10. Down She Goes
11. Amazing
12. Its Alright


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Adam Cohen

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