Amii Stewart Best Of…-Knock On Wood-


Catalog: MOCCD-14052
Format: 2 CD
Original release: 2021
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627233023

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Amii Stewart‘s first single release, a Disco cover version of the 1966 Eddie Floyd composition “Knock On Wood” reached number one on many single charts in 1979 and earned her a platinum record and a Grammy Award nomination. This collection brings together the two major albums that Disco Queen Amii Stewart, and “Celebrity Of The Gay Community” released in 1979, as the disco craze was peaking: “Knock On Wood” and “Paradise Bird,” which feature her biggest hits of the disco era. Stewart’s cover of “Light My Fire,” the 1967 Doors hit, paired with “Disco Heaven 137,” also reached the top ten. Final track on this album is the over 6 minutes long 12” disco version of “Knock On Wood”.

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CD 1

  1. Knock On Wood (7” Edit)
  2. You Really Touched My Heart
  3. Light My Fire / 137 Disco Heaven
  4. Bring It On Back To Me
  5. Closest Thing To Heaven
  6. Am I Losing You
  7. Get Your Love Back
  8. Only A Child In Your Eyes
  9. The Letter
  10. Paradise Bird
  11. He’s A Burgler
  12. Jealousy
  13. Right Place, Wrong Time
  14. Step Into The Love Line
  15. Paradise Found

 CD 2

  1. You Really Touched My Heart (7” Edit)
  2. Light My Fire (1985 7” Remix)
  3. 137 Disco Heaven (1985 7” Remix)
  4. Knock On Wood (1985 7” Remix)
  5. Ash 48
  6. You Really Touched My Heart (1985 7”)
  7. Jealousy (1985 Remix)
  8. Step Into The Love Line (1985 Remix)
  9. Paradise Bird (1985 Remix)
  10. My Guy, My Girl
  11. Knock On Wood (Long Disco Version)