Anastacia Pieces Of A Dream


Catalog: MOCCD-13963
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2005
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627231722

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Born in Chicago, Anastacia is one of the most successful international artists. ‘Pieces Of A Dream’ is a Greatest Hits collection in chronological order that features such hits as “I’m Outta Love”, “Cowboys & Kisses”, “Paid My Dues”, “You’ll Never Be Alone”, “Left Outside Alone”, and “Heavy On My Heart.” Five tracks were added to the twelve hit-singles, “Everything Burns”, a collaboration with Evanescence’ guitarist/singer Ben Moody and her versatility is shown time and time again on this album, which spawned two brand-new singles, the title track “Pieces Of A Dream”, and “I Belong To You”, a duet with the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti. The albums closing track is the nearly 12 minutes “Club Megamix”.

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1. I’m Outta Love
2. Not That Kind
3. Cowboys & Kisses
4. Made For Lovin’ You
5. Paid My Dues
6. One Day In Your Life
7. Why’d You Lie To Me
8. You’ll Never Be Alone
9. Left Outside Alone
10. Sick And Tired
11. Welcome To My Truth
12. Heavy On My Heart
13. Everything Burns
14. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) (Feat. Eros Ramazzotti)
15. Pieces Of A Dream
16. In Your Eyes
17. Club Megamix