Cameo Word Up


Catalog: MOCCD-13946
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1986
Genre: Dance
Barcode: 0600753904558

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This 1986 album really put Cameo at the top of their game! That spectacular 83-second section between 1:57 and 3:20! The funk, the thundering beats and rhythm guitar make for one of the best funk sections of a song since the Parliament/Funkadelic era! “Candy” continues that thundering sound right after “Word Up”. The ballads on here are just as good before shifting to more funk afterwards. They tend to go a more jazzy route on the ballads, especially on “Don’t Be Lonely”. “Fast, Fierce & Funny” has a cool bass bridge voiceover and the final track “You Can Have The World” is an empowering song communicating the fact that you can have whatever you want in life. This music is by no means old and out-of-date in the twenty-first century.

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1. Word Up
2. Candy
3. Back And Forth
4. Don’t Be Lonely
5. She’s Mine
6. Fast, Fierce & Funny
7. You Can Have The World

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