EPMD Business As Usual


Catalog: MOCCD-13874
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1990
Genre: Hip-Hop
Barcode: 0600753886069

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This is EPMD at the top of their game right here. The production is slick and hardcore, and the rhymes are sharper than ever. On their third album ‘Business As Usual’ the Long Island buddies Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith perfectionated their formula for beat making and at the same time they sat a new standard for 90’s hip-hop. EPMD kept the clubs dancing and got the street heads open. The beats are beyond dope, the rhymes are on point, and the scratches and cuts are nothing short of superior. The sick beat for “Rampage” features some timeless lyrics by Parrish as well as L.L. Cool J. Redman gets his first appearance here on the songs “Hardcore” and “Brothers On My Jock”, both excellent tracks.

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1. I’m Mad
2. Hardcore
3. Rampage
4. Manslaughter
5. Jane 3
6. For My People
7. Mr. Bozack
8. Gold Digger
9. Give The People
10. Rap Is Outta Control
11. Brothers On My Jock
12. Underground
13. Hit Squad Heist
14. Funky Piano

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