Evil Superstars Boogie Children-R-Us


Catalog: MOCCD 13148
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1998
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 600753650059

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This is the second album by Evil Superstars, recorded in 1997 but released a year later. Continuing the impact caused by their debut, Boogie – Children – R – Us has chaos and hilarity written all over it. At the same time they venture into a slightly more poppy and softer feel to their music, notably on the singles It’s a Sad Sad Planet and Love Happened. The band called it A collection of short and bold poppy rock n roll tracks, but Evil Superstars wouldn’t be Evil Superstars if they didn’t play around with the listener. Their version of a softer side still contains their trademark musical and lyrical absurdity that makes you both rock and laugh out loud.

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1 Baby2 If You Cry (I’ll Go To Hell)3 Have Been Wrong Before4 I Can’t Seem To Fuck Things Up5 Gimme Animal Rights6 Just A Princess7 Oh Girl8 It’s A Sad Sad Planet9 Holy Spirit Come Home10 First Comes Farewell11 Song Off The Record12 My Little Dead One13 Laserblack14 Love Happened

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