Franz Liszt Via Crucis R. De Leeuw / Netherlands Chamber Choir


Catalog: MOCCD13487
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2006
Genre: Classical
Barcode: 00289482484979

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The mood of the Via Crucis is entirely devotional and it is designed to accompany the lengthy Lenten penitential rite in the setting of a church. The text for this work was prepared by Liszt‘s lady friend, the Princess Sayn-Wittgenstein, from various sources including German chorales, extracts from the Bible and Latin chants. It dates from 1878-9 and the composer also arranged the work for piano (for both two hands and four hands).
Reinbert de Leeuw is well known as a pianist and conductor of contemporary music. Via Crucis is one of Reinbert’s favorite pieces. Reinbert De Leeuw’s conception with the Netherlands Chamber Choir is intense. The entrance of the Lutheran hymn Ein’ feste Burg in the sixth station came as something of a surprise, but of course it was originally taken from a plainsong melody. Snatches from the Dies irae and other chants heighten the sombre associations of the Via crucis. Originally released in 2006 on Philips.

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1. Andante maestoso ‘Vexilla Regis prodeunt’
2. Station I: Jesus wird zum Tode verdammt
3. Station II: Jesus trägt sein Kreuz
4. Station III: Jesus fält zum ersten Mal
5. Station IV: Jesus begegnet seine heiligen Mutter
6. Station V: Simon von Kyrene hilft Jesus das Kreuz tragen
7. Station VI: Sancta Veronica
8. Station VII: Jesus fällt zum zweiten Mal
9. Station VIII: Die Frauen von Jerusalem
10. Station IX: Jesus fällt zum dritten Mal
11. Station X: Jesus wird entkleidet
12. Station XI: Jesus wird ans Kreuz geslagen
13. Station XII: Jesus stirbt am Kreuze
14. Station XIII: Jesus wird vom Kreuz genommen
15. Station XIV: Jesus wird ins Grab gelegt

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