Fairground Attraction First Of A Million Kisses


Catalog: MOCCD-13911
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1988
Genre: Pop / Folk
Barcode: 8718627230954

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`First Of A Million Kisses’ is in every way outstanding and deservedly went platinum. The musical style is a subtle blend of skiffle, gentle rock, Celtic, folk, Cajun-type rhythms, and especially trad-jazz. Most of the material was composed by Mark Nevin, the guitarist and chief creative force and what you hear and up-front is the magical, extraordinary and powerful vocals of Eddi Reader. She has a range that would put an opera diva to shame and a style that seems to come from a fusion of jazz, blues and Celtic tones, a voice like that of an angel. This debut album features the number one single, “Perfect” and the singles “Find My Love”, “A Smile In A Whisper” and “Clare”.

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1. A Smile In A Whisper
2. Perfect
3. Moon On The Rain
4. Find My Love
5. Fairground Attraction
6. The Wind Knows My Name
7. Clare
8. Comedy Waltz
9. The Moon Is Mine
10. Station Street
11. Whispers
12. Allelujah
13. Falling Backwards
14. Mythology