Four Horsemen Nobody Said It Was Easy


Catalog: MOCCD 13261
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 600753603420

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It’s 1991. Rock and Roll is getting dirtier and heavier; Nirvana, REM, Pearl Jam took over the world and made people turn to the Seattle sound. The Four Horsemen, unluckily, released their excellent album Nobody said it was easy a little too late. Heavily influenced by the 70’s rock & roll scene, AC/DC in particular, never received the credits they deserved. Nobody said it was easy is a great rock album, strong tracks that get under your skin and stay in your head. Some of the tracks clearly contain AC/DC riffs, which isn’t so much a bad thing! Rockin’ is ma Business is a brilliant hair-waving track, Moonshine is a rock and roll track with glaring guitars and catchy drums. Unknowingly at the time, The Four Horsemen were to be an example and an influence themselves. They had steady fan base and were much loved. How could they not, this band had charisma! This album is proof of that, The Four Horsemen ROCK; not every band has the opportunity to tour with KISS for example!

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1 Nobody Said It Was Easy2 Rockin’ Is Ma’ Business3 Tired Wings4 Can’t Stop Rockin’5 Wanted Man6 Let It Rock7 Hot Head8 Moonshine9 Homesick Blues10 75 Again11 Lookin’ For Trouble12 I Need A Thrill/Somethin’ Good

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