Gino Vannelli Crazy Life


Catalog: MOCCD-14191
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1973
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753959558

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This is his first release after Herb Alpert at (Alpert&Moss) A&M Records gave Gino Vannelli and his brother, keyboardist/arranger Joe Vannelli, a contract. ‘Crazy Life’ is a very stripped down, jazzy-pop and a somewhat glossy variety of bossa nova/R&B. The instrumentation is absolutely wonderful with the layered Fender Rhodes and the subtle somewhat tropical production from Herb Alpert. Nearly every song on “Crazy Life” is a stand-out. From the laid back bossa nova of the title track to the driving piano soul of “Hollywood Holiday” to the smooth blues of “Fling Of Mine”, the latin rhythms of “Great Lake Canoe” and the Gershwin-esque closing “Piano Song”, there is plenty to enjoy during this album.

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1. Crazy Life
2. Hollywood Holiday
3. There’s No Time
4. Fling Of Mine
5. Granny Goodbye
6. Great Lake Canoe
7. Cherizar
8. One Woman Lover
9. Piano Song

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