Gipsy Kings Roots


Catalog: MOCCD-14092
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2004
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627233313

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Roots’ is the 11th studio album by the French-Catalana band Gipsy Kings. This 2004 album shows they haven’t forgotten their roots, though they`re still on the more catchily commercial side of things than many flamenco outfits. This album has everything for all styles of Flamenco, some Canto Ondos, Bulerias, and Rumbas.There`s plenty of variation in mood, tempo and pacing, and there`s a pleasingly pensive atmosphere on some of the slower numbers. The guitars’ sounds incredible!!!, as are the vocals from Nicolas and FrançoiseCanut” Reyes who are singing superb and peak in just about every song where the rhythms are rousing and very danceable, and the songs are the kind of songs only they can produce. Olé!!!

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1. Own Up For What You Say
2. Junkie Eyes
3. Three Sides
4. Beautiful People
5. Mountain Song
6. The T.V.’s On Fire
7. Déjà vu
8. Two Little Men
9. If Wishes Were Fishes
10. Confessions
11. Mountain Song 2
12. Darkwave Sleeps