Jeff Beck Who Else!


Catalog: MOCCD-14216
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1999
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627234174

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Jeff Beck’s seventh solo album is a mix of styles blended from all the musicians performing it. The line-up includes Jennifer Batten (Female guitar player who did 3 tours with Michael Jackson). ‘Who Else!’ marks an impressive return by the master of guitar after an hiatus of ten years. “What Mamma Said” is an explosive opener to an explosive album. Here we are introduced to Jennifer Batten, Jeff‘s composing and second guitarist/midi keyboard partner. The second track, “Psycho Sam” could not have been named more perfectly. “Brush With the Blues,” the third song, is arguably one of the best tracks of Jeff‘s entire career. “Hip-Notica” is a fun tune and features some excellent organ-midi work by Ms. Batten. After ten years Jeff Beck is back and he’s back to stay.

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1. What Mama Said
2. Psycho Sam
3. Brush With The Blues
4. Blast From The East
5. Space For The Papa
6. Angel (Footsteps)
7. THX138
8. Hip-Notica
9. Even Odds
10. Declan
11. Another Place

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