Lillian Axe
Out Of The Darkness Into The Light


Catalog: MOCCD13631
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753815403

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After turning up the heat with the release of their second album, Love + War, it appeared as if Lillian Axe was poised to kick ass on the hair band front. “Out Of The Darkness – Into The Light” , released in 1991 and pulls together songs from the groups self-titled debut and the aforementioned “Love + War”. This compilation disc from lead vocalist Ron Taylor and lead guitarist Stevie Blaze and their hot shot long hair mates include the raucous “Misery Loves Company”, “She Likes It On Top”, “Show A Little Love”, and the big arena ballad, “Ghost Of Winter”. They were definitely the kind of young, talented and hungry band that could go out and embarrass an established headliner.

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1. Show A Little Love
2. Misery Loves Company
3. She Likes It On Top
4. Nobody Knows
5. All’s Fair In Love And War
6. Waiting In The Dark
7. Dream Of A Lifetime
8. The World Stopped Turning
9. Hard Luck
10. Ghost Of Winter
11. My Number


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Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

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