Living Colour Pride


Catalog: MOCCD 13125
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1995
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627221242

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Living Colour‘s Pride is a greatest hits compilation originally released in 1995 with also rare tracks and a remix. This compilation is released in the same year that Living Colour announced its breakup. As the collection proves, the band was ahead of their time and extremely influential — they were combining musical forms such as heavy metal and funk/rap/soul years before the musical form was commonplace. The best known tracks are “Cult of Personality,” “Glamour Boys,” “Funny Vibe,” and “Type”. Living Colour was always about creating consistent albums from beginning to end, as such selections as the title track, “Time’s Up,” “Nothingness,” “Solace of You,” and “Open Letter (To a Landlord)” prove. Add to it several previously unreleased outtakes — “Release the Pressure,” “Sacred Ground,” “Visions,” and a remix of “Love Rears Its Ugly Head” . You have a near-definitive Living Colour collection!

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1 Pride2 Release The Pressure3 Sacred Ground4 Visions5 Love Rears His Ugly Head-Soulpower Remix6 These Are Happy Times7 Memories Can’t Wait-Live8 Cult Of Personality9 Funny Vibe10 Wtff11 Glamour Boys12 Open Letter To A Landlord13 Solace Of You14 Nothingness15 Type16 Time’s Up17 What’s Your Favourite Colour ? (Theme Song)

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