Melissa Etheridge Brave And Crazy


Catalog: MOCCD 13394
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1989
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 600753724934

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Brave and Crazy is the second album by singer-songwriter, guitarist and activist Melissa Etheridge and the follow-up to 1988’s award winning (for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female) self-titled debut. Etheridge, born in Kansas, U.S.A. had a major chart hit worldwide with the lead single from her debut album Bring Me Some Water. On Brave And Crazy Etheridge followed the same musical formula as on her eponymous debut album and again with the for the sound very important powerful partnership with bass player/producer Kevin McCormick. In the American Billboard the album peaked at #22, equal to her self-titled debut.

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1 No Souvenirs 2 Brave & Crazy 3 You Used To Love To Dance 4 Angels 5 You Can Sleep While I Drive 6 Testify 7 Let Me Go 8 By Back Door 9 Skin Deep 10 Royal Station 4/16

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