Minnie Riperton Her Chess Years


Catalog: MOCCD 13205
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1997
Genre: Soul
Barcode: 600753573945

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This album is a compilation record mainly consisting of tracks done with the Rotary Connection. Fortunately this album allows space for Lonely Girl under her pseudo Andrea Davis and All of it and Happy New Love with the Gems. Her Chess Years is a true and pleasant journey of the first years of her career long before she released her worldwide hit Loving you. Her Chess Years, even though being a compilation, is a mash up of genres and effortlessly switching from psychedelic blues/rock to pop-soul or 60ís R&B and represents Ripertonís strength and vocal range (3 and half octave in Lonely Girl). For beginners as well as the experienced listeners a joy to listen to.

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1 All Of It ( The Gems)2 Lonely Girl ( Andrea Davis)3 Happy New Love ( The Gems)4 Magical World5 Christmas Love6 Silent Night7 We’re Going Wrong8 Respect9 Tales Of Brave Ulysses10 The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp11 A-Muse12 Love Me Now13 Living Alone14 They Call It Stormy Monday15 Want You To Know16 If I Sing My Song