Pink Cream 69 Pink Cream 69


Catalog: MOCCD-13828
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1989
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627230251

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This is the self-titled debut album by German melodic hard-rockers from Pink Cream 69. Although Pink Cream 69 would turn considerably heavier in their later releases, their debut was aligned to the standards of a high quality late `80s hard-rock/hair metal album. Andi Deris, who later joined Helloween, does the vocals for this album, and sings with more range and vocal ability than the average 80s hard rock band. The guitar (Alfred Koffler) solos are well played and tie the songs together well, the riffs are solid for hard rock, and the bassist (Denis Ward) is very noticeable and adds a lot. This 1989 debut album may be their overall strongest offering.

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1. Take Those Tears
2. Sugar For Love
3. Rolling Down A Thunder
4. One Step Into Paradise
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Welcome The Night
7. Partymaker
8. Hit The Bottom Row
9. Parasite
10. I Only Wanna Be For You
11. Child Of Sorrows
12. World Of Promises
13. Shadows Are Falling

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