Soft Machine Six


Catalog: MOCCD 13198
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1973
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627224359

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“Six” is the sixth studio (instrumental) album (half including live material) by the Canterbury associated band Soft Machine, originally released in 1973 as a double LP. Six is their first album with Karl Jenkins who had replaced Elton Dean. The album is unusual in having the oboe as a featured
instrument in a jazz-rock setting. The “B.O.” to whom the track “Stanley Stamp’s Gibbon Album” is dedicated is writer/composer/television presenter Bill Oddie. “Six” won first place in the Melody Maker British Jazz Album of the Year award in 1973.

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1 Fanfare 2 All White 3 Between 4 Riff 5 37 ½ 6 Gesolreut 7 Epv 8 Lefty 9 Stumble 10 5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love & Thanks) 11 Riff Ii 12 The Soft Weed Factor 13 Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album (For Bo) 14 Chloe And The Pirates 15 1983

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