Steelheart Tangled In Reins


Catalog: MOCCD13607
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1992
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753820667

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A number of great rock talents emerged during late 80s and early 90s but almost all of them were short-lived. Some still went ahead but with little commercial support. Steelheart is one of such bands that were swayed by the rise and fall of the US metal market during the 90s. The second album released in 1992 is on the whole heavier and tighter than the debut. True that this album also has excellent ballads but what caught attention of Japanese metal fans most was its eighth track ‘Steelheart’; excellent speed metal showcasing Mike Matijevic’s wild vocal appeal. Guest vocals on the album are by Jeff Scott Soto known for being the vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen’s first two albums.

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1 Loaded Mutha
2 Sticky Side Up
3 Electric Love Child
4 Late For The Party
5 All Your Love
6 Love ‘Em And I’m Gone
7 Take Me Back Home
8 Steelheart
9 Mama Don’t You Cry
10 Dancin’ In The Fire

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