Steve Earle El Corazon


Catalog: MOCCD-14058
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1997
Genre: Country
Barcode: 8718627233085

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One of the most distinguishable vocals in all of music, Earle’s high lonesome drawl evokes intensity, nostalgia, fear and fun. ‘El Corazón’ is the seventh album by country rock musician Steve Earle. From rock, to ballad, to bluegrass, ‘El Corazón’ seamlessly covers a lot of ground. Steve Earle is well known for his guitar work, and this is no exception. With Earle’s lyrics you get the range from “Christmas In Washington” and “Taneytown” (feat. Emmylou Harris), politically aware, along with the funny “You Know The Rest”, almost straight-out-rock of “Here I Am” and “NYC”, and the intensely personal “Fort Worth Blues”, a genius Earle song. ‘El Corazón’ is a masterpiece from one of the real masters of modern music.

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1. Christmas In Washington
2. Taneytown
3. If You Fall
4. I Still Carry You Around
5. Telephone Road
6. Somewhere Out There
7. You Know The Rest
8. N.Y.C.
9. Poison Lovers
10. The Other Side Of Town
11. Here I Am
12. Ft. Worth Blues

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