Stevie Ray Vaughan
In The Beginning


Catalog: MOCCD13715
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1992
Genre: Blues
Barcode: 8718627228623

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The ‘Steamboat 1874’ in Austin. Texas 1980. A 25-year-old Stevie Vaughan, still more than three years away from the release of his first studio album ‘Texas Flood’, performs LIVE with his “Double Trouble” bandmates Chris Layton on drums and bassist Jackie Newhouse. The original 2-track (radio) recordings of the show are carefully mixed and mastered and gives a shivering listen of the talents of the ‘New Jimi Hendrix’. A strong live effort from a still young and less-than-famous Stevie Ray Vaughan which hints at a greatness to come. His takes on Freddie King’s “In the Open”, Willie Dixon’s “Shake For Me” and the lengthy “Tin Pan Alley” are the real highlights here.

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1. In The Open
2. Slide Thing
3. They Call Me Guitar Hurricane
4. All Your Love I Miss Loving
5. Tin Pan Alley
6. Love Struck Baby
7. Tell Me
8. Shake For Me
9. Live Another Day


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In The Beginning

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