TNT Realized Fantasies


Catalog: MOCCD-13842
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1992
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627230411

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‘Realized Fantasies’ is one of T.N.T.’s heaviest albums with an average song length of over five minutes. The opening track “Downhill Racer” is an awesome song with hard hitting basslines from Morty Black, Ronnie Le Tekrø‘s famous cuts and riffs, and the unmistakably voice of Tony Harnell. The dynamic “Purple Mountain’s Majesty”, combines straight ahead rock, with spots for both Harnell and Le Tekrø to do their thing. The album is a nice mix of rockers, ballads, and some unconventional or experimental tunes with songs like “Indian Summer”, “Mother Warned Me”, “Rock And Roll Away” and “Hard To Say Goodbye”. One of Norway’s best hard-rock albums from the nineties!

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1. Downhill Racer
2. Hard To Say Goodbye
3. Mother Warned Me
4. Lionheart
5. Rain
6. Purple Mountain’s Majesty
7. Rock ‘N Roll Away
8. Easy Street
9. All You Need
10. Indian Summer

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