Tony Joe White …Continued


Catalog: MOCCD-14049
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1969
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627232989

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The term Swamp Rock was invented for albums like this. ‘…Continued’ is Tony Joe White’s second album released in 1969. Tony Joe White not only possesses an original, strong, intoxicating voice, he’s a blistering singer-songwriter and musician with one foot in the blues and the other in the swamp, laying out one luscious number after another that will reach out and knock you over. Tony Joe White is a musician with an enormous fanbase among musicians of many different genres. This album features the single “Roosevelt And Ira Lee” and his evergreen “Rainy Night In Georgia”, one of the most covered songs ever (a.o. by Ray Charles, Otis Rush, Randy Crawford, John Holt and The Gladiators). Including two bonus tracks.

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  1. Elements And Things
  2. Roosevelt And Ira Lee (Night Of The Mossacin)
  3. Woodpecker
  4. Rainy Night In Georgia
  5. For Le Ann
  6. Old Man Willis
  7. Woman With Soul
  8. I Want You
  9. I Thought You Knew It Well
  10. The Migrant

Bonus tracks

  1. Watching The Trains Go By
  2. Old Man Willis (Single Version)

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