Tori Amos Beekeeper


Catalog: MOCCD-13970
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2005
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627232132

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‘Beekeeper’ probably is her first attempt at trying musically diverse songs. On “Sweet The Sting,” there’s a wonderful loungy touch to the song and the melodious title keeps repeating in your head after that. The collaboration with Damien Rice on “Power Of The Orange Knickers” may yield some strange results but the fusion of their voices on the track is harmoniously seamless and creates a pleasant surprise. Her songwriting is incredible and many of the songs on this album are beautiful. The album ends with “Toast,” full of references not only to time, but to Easter, rising, and art. Tori did an excellent job at keeping the integrity throughout this album, and an equally impressive job at keeping the listeners attention for the duration.

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1. Parasol
2. Sweet The Sting
3. Power Of Orange Knickers (Featuring Damien Rice)
4. Jamaica Inn
5. Barons Of Suburbia
6. Sleeps With Butterflies
7. General Joy
8. Mother Revolution
9. Ribbons Undone
10. Cars And Guitars
11. Witness
12. Original Sinsuality
13. Ireland
14. The Beekeeper
15. Martha’s Foolish Ginger
16. Hoochie Woman
17. Goodbye Pisces
18. Marys Of The Sea
19. Toast

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