Within Temptation Black Symphony


Catalog: MOCCD-14230
Format: 2 CD
Original release: 2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627235294

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Recorded for CD/DVD/Blu-ray at the Ahoy in Rotterdam in 2008 absolutely everything is done full-tilt. Accompanying Within Temptation and the Metropole Orchestra is a large choir called PA’dam and specials guests including Keith Caputo, George Oosthoek (Orphanage) and Anneke van Giersbergen. The Metropole kicks-off the show with the fittingly titled orchestra piece “Ouverture”, which carries on for an ungodly, but deliciously ornate seven and a half minutes. All the classics are here and they open the show with a jaw dropping rendition of “Jillian” and they then power thru their amazing catalogue orchestra & choir. Sharon den Adel is magnificent, as are the choir, orchestra, and band. Within Temptation sets a new standard for excellence!

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1 Ouverture
2 Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)
3 The Howling
4 Stand My Ground
5 The Cross
6 What Have You Done
7 Hand Of Sorrow
8 The Heart Of Everything
9 Forgiven
10 Somewhere
11 The Swan Song
12 Memories
1 Our Solemn Hour
2 The Other Half (Of Me)
3 Frozen
4 The Promise
5 Angels
6 Mother Earth
7 The Truth Beneath The Rose
8 Deceiver Of Fools
9 All I Need
10 Ice Queen

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