Bill Nelson Chimera


Catalog: MOCCD-14130
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1983
Genre: Dance
Barcode: 0600753949856

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‘Chimera’ was actually a 6-song EP released in 1983 by former vocalist and guitarist of the rock group Be-Bop Deluxe. It’s a masterpiece of the genius Bill Nelson, played by a dream ensemble that includes some of Nelson‘s most soaring e-bow and other guitar work, complimented by the mighty yet precise Yukihiro Takahashi (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) on drums and the melodic, fretless bass of Japan’s Mick Karn. This version is rounded out by 3 remixes of “Acceleration” and the great B-side, “Hard Facts From The Fiction Department.” The fusion of catchy pop rhythms and Japan-esque beats is truly enticing and foot taperingly catchy. Bill Nelson is the star that never was. Heard by few but admired by many. Perhaps Nelson’s art-rock is the best kept secret of the eighties.

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1. The Real Adventure
2. Acceleration
3. Every Day Feels Like Another New Drug
4. Tender Is The Night
5. Glow World
6. Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope
7. Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
8. Acceleration (Long Version)
9. Acceleration (Dub)
10. Acceleration (Short Version)

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