Candlebox Happy Pills


Catalog: MOCCD-14068
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1998
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233139

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“10.000 Horses” makes a perfect opener to one of the greatest (but highly under-rated) pure rock albums of the 90’s. It’s the heaviest and angriest song of the album with excellent dual-guitar work. ‘Happy Pills’ is the third and last album by the Seattle post-grunge band Candlebox. With “A Stone’s Throw Away” Candlebox delivers a sublime blues-rock song. “Offerings” and “Step Back” they also carry themselves in the vein of great rock songs with the excellent vocals by Kevin Martin that add the unforgettable Candlebox touch. Guitarist Peter Klett is also genius on this album. His leading melodies are catchy, awe-inspiring, and genuinely beautiful. “Happy Pills” is a true rock effort. It’s dark and it’s heavy. And it proves rock will never die.

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1. 10.000 Horses
2. Happy Pills
3. Blinders
4. It’s Alright
5. A Stone Throw Away
6. So Real
7. Offerings
8. Sometimes
9. Step Back
10. Belmore Place
11. Breakaway
12. Look What You’ve Done

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