Chet Atkins Stay Tuned


Catalog: MOCCD13798
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1985
Genre: Country
Barcode: 8718627229910

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First of all Chet “Mr. Guitar” Atkins is a legend. ‘Stay Tuned’ is his fifty-second studio album containing collaborations with some of the greatest guitar players in the business. All the tunes of this album have a laid back feel to it. The title befits the album because once you start listening you will stay tuned. This is a 1985 recording of Chet Atkins with, to name a few, soul/jazz guitarist George Benson, with Dire Straits guitarist/lead-singer Mark Knopfler, with “Mr. 335”, the jazz-fusion virtuoso Larry Carlton and Toto lead guitarist/singer Steve “Luke” Lukather. This is not a concept album, but each song ties in seamlessly. Although there are flavors for everyone, the surprise is not realizing you are already listening to the next song. How cool is that?

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1. Sunrise
2. Please Stay Tuned
3. Quiet Eyes
4. A Mouse In The House
5. Some Leather And Lace
6. The Cricket Ballet
7. Cosmic Square Dance
8. The Boot And The Stone
9. Tap Room
10. If I Should Lose You

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