Fourplay X


Catalog: MOCCD 13254
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2006
Genre: Jazz
Barcode: 8718627222553

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This is the 9th studio album by contemporary American jazz quartet Fourplay. Produced in 2006 it shows a group more focused on both improvisation and written arrangements instead of their usual sensational experimenting on their instruments. “X” is a fine piece of work as you can expect from Fourplay. All tracks are extremely well written and several vocalists are invited to join in, including Michael McDonald ( “My Love Is Leavin'”) and Larry Carlton’s wife, Michele Pillar (“Sunday Morning”), to complete this album. “Any person that knows smooth jazz will tell you that these four guys by themselves are major forces on their own. But when they combine their incredible talents for a project..well here is the result.. “X”.” (

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1 Turnabout2 Cinnamon Sugar3 Eastern Sky4 Kid Zero5 My Love’s Leavin’6 Screenplay7 Twilight Touch8 Be My Lover9 Sunday Morning

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