James Blood Ulmer Odyssey


Catalog: MOCCD 13249
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1984
Genre: Jazz
Barcode: 8718627222508

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This masterpiece was recorded in 1983. James “Blood” Ulmer fused jazz, blues and funk into one sublime album. Ulmer formed the trio with violinist Charles Burnham and drummer Warren Benbow to create spectacular fusion music. “Are you proud to be in America?” complements their signature sound (guitar/violin/drums) together with Ulmer‘s pleasantly rough voice. “Church” and “Swing and Things” are instrumentals, displaying fusion at its best. Ulmer‘s ability to play bass and guitar lines simultaneously and the manipulation of the violin sound using a wah/wah pedal developed a daring new sound. Their recordings, made in the midst of the early 80’s experimenting Jazz-scene in downtown New York, set the standard for future jazz musicians worldwide.

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1 Church2 Little Red House3 Love Dance4 Are You Glad To Be In America5 Election6 Odyssey7 Please Tell Her8 Swing & Things

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