Fred Neil / Vince MartinTear Down The Walls & Bleecker and MacDougal


Catalog: MOCCD-14041
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1964
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627232910

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‘Tear Down The Walls’ (1964) mixes some (now) folk standards such as Bonnie Dobson‘s “Morning Dew” and traditional songs like “Lonesome Valley” and “I Know You Rider”. The most of the songs belong to Fred Neil while Vince Martin brought a great deal of talent and fresh ideas to the collaboration, not to mention his association with John Sebastian [The Lovin’ Spoonful] and Felix Pappalardi [The Young Rascals and later Mountain]. The ‘Bleecker & MacDougal (1965) songs where much covered in the sixties like;  “Blues on the Ceiling,” (The Bintangs), “The Other Side To This Life,” (Jefferson Airplane) and “Candy Man” (Roy Orbison). Fred Neil was one-of-a-kind singer, with a soul-searing, gravelly voice and fingers that picked one of the meanest blues guitars in folk.

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Tear Down The Walls

  1. I Know You Rider
  2. Red Flowers
  3. Tear Down The Walls
  4. Weary Blues
  5. Toy Balloon
  6. Baby
  7. Morning Dew
  8. I’m A Drifter
  9. Linin’ Track
  10. Wild Child In A World Of Trouble
  11. Dade County Jail
  12. I Got ‘Em
  13. Lonesome Valley

Bleecker & Macdougal

  1. Bleecker & Macdougal
  2. Blues On The Ceiling
  3. Sweet Mama
  4. Little Bit Of Rain
  5. Country Boy
  6. Other Side To This Life
  7. Mississippi Train
  8. Travelin’ Shoes
  9. The Water Is Wide
  10. Yonder Comes The Blues
  11. Candy Man
  12. Handful Of Gimme
  13. Come Again

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