Johannes Brahms Serenades Op. 11 & Op. 16


Catalog: MOCCD13682
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Classical
Barcode: 0028948401000

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The two Serenades, Op. 11 and Op. 16, represented two of the earliest efforts by Johannes Brahms to write orchestral music. Recorded with Bernard Haitink at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with its own wonderful unique acoustic these serenades never sounded better. First of all, Haitink is supremely competent with a superb baton technique and an almost unmatched ability to balance an orchestra and shape a movement. Second of all, Haitink is a supremely tasteful conductor who never imposes his will on the music through his interpretations, but rather allows the interpretation to arise from the music. With Brahms Serenades it is a wonderful thing to still have Bernard Haitink.

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Serenade in D, Op. 11
1. Allegro Molto 9:43
2. Scherzo 7:39
3. Adagio Non Troppa 15:19
4. Menuetto I – II 4:12
5. Scherzo 2:54
6. Rondo 6:05
Serenade in A, Op. 16
7. Allegro moderato 7:41
8. Scherzo 2:41
9. Adagio Non Troppo 7:26
10. Quasi Menuetto – Trio 5:23
11. Rondo 5:55

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