James Brown There It Is


Catalog: MOCCD-14096
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1972
Genre: Soul
Barcode: 0600753942741

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“There It Is” is another funk bomb, a classic, stuttering bass-heavy workout featuring that super sockin’ hard emphasis on the one. Swiltering horns and Fred Thomas’ bumpin’ bass further enhance this track’s superior groove. For all-out shake-your-bootie funk, Brown finally put out “Talkin’ Loud, Sayin’ Nothin'”, a wildabeast of a groove. There’s more groovology with the stupendously pacey “I’m a Greedy Man”, with its twangin’ guitars and James’ and Bobby Byrds funky harmonizing on the chorus. And then the anti-Nixon grooves of “Talkin’ Loud And Saying Nothing”, coupled with two moving antidrug PSA’s, the classic, jazzy “King Heroin” and the harrowing “Public Enemy #1”. This record offers surprises while sounding more classic than dated.

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1. There It Is Part 1
2. There It Is Part 2
3. King Heroin
4. I’m A Greedy Man Part 1
5. I’m A Greedy Man Part 2
6. Who Am I
7. Talking Out Loud And Saying Nothing
8. Public Enemy # 1 Part 1
9. Public Enemy # 2 Part 2
10. I Need Help (I Can’t Do It On My Own)
11. Never Can Say Goodbye

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