John Cale
Vintage Violence


Catalog: MOCCD13713
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1970
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627228609

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‘Vintage Violence’ is the debut solo studio album by Welsh musician and founding member of the Velvet Underground John Cale. The incredible quiet and ethereal “Amsterdam” sounds beautiful and there’s the opener “Hello, There”, a song that feels like it would fit nicely on the Velvets ‘Loaded’ album. Songs like “Big White Cloud” and “Adelaide” are catchy tunes that time seems to have forgotten. ‘Vintage Violence’ received mostly positive reviews. Rolling Stone magazine’s Ed Ward said that the album sounds “like a Byrds album produced by Phil Spector who has marinated for six years in burgundy, anise and chili peppers”. It stands up well next to such masterpieces as ‘Astral Weeks’, ‘Jesse Winchester’s debut album, and ‘Highway 61’.

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1. Hello, There
2. Gideon’s Bible
3. Adelaide
4. Big White Cloud
5. Cleo
6. Please
7. Charlemagne
8. Bring It On Up
9. Amsterdam
10. Ghost Story
11. Fairweather Friend


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Vintage Violence

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