T-Bone Burnett Criminal Under My Own Hat


Catalog: MOCCD 13010
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1992
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627220092

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On 1992’s The Criminal Under My Own Hat, T-Bone Burnett seemed to be searching for a middle ground between his previous two albums, the bright, angular pop/rock of The Talking Animals and the spare, acoustic introspection of T-Bone Burnett. On this album, though, Burnett was willing to let these two sides of his musical personality display a greater influence upon one another; the acoustic numbers are more passionate and fuller sounding than on his previous efforts and the rockers have been peeled back a bit, giving the individual musicians a bit more room to move and letting the inner workings of the songs show. The Criminal Under My Own Hat was easily T-Bone Burnett‘s strongest album since Proof Through the Night, and a rare pleasure for thinking music fans.

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1 Over You2 Tear This Building Down3 It’s Not Too Late4 Humans From Earth5 Primitives6 Criminals7 Every Little Thing8 I Can Explain Everything9 Anytime At All10 I Can Explain Everything11 The Lon Time Now12 Kill Switch

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