Lou Reed Growing Up In Public


Catalog: MOCCD13766
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1980
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627229132

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This is a major work of literacy, intelligence, emotion and humility served with large dollops of humor. He tackles adult themes with wit, charm, and his most dazzling lyrics ever. While some of the songs are simpler in nature, most exhibit this kind of intelligent wordplay that’s advanced even by Lou‘s normal high standards. Along with his tribute album to Andy Warhol (the John Cale collaboration “Songs For Drella”), this is his most heartfelt recording. Like Graham Parker‘s ‘Struck By Lightning’ album, which announced the arrival of Parker growing up and contemplating adult themes, this is Lou‘s belated “coming of age” album.

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1. How Do You Speak To An Angel
2. My Old Man
3. Keep Away
4. Growing Up In Public
5. Standing On Ceremony
6. So Alone
7. Love Is Here To Stay
8. The Power Is Positive Drinking
9. Smiles
10. Think It Over
11. Teach The Gifted Children

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