Marvin Gaye Midnight Love


Catalog: MOCCD-14153
Format: 2 CD
Original release: 1980
Genre: Soul
Barcode: 8718627233818

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This classic recording ‘Midnight Love’ is Gaye’s final great gift to us. Marvin had copied the beat from the European New Wave scene in his Belgian exile of the coastal town Oostende, and yet it became something completely new under his hands. On this anniversary edition of ‘Midnight Love’ Gaye takes cues from the eccentric whims of Rick James, Cameo, and Prince for “Midnight Lady,” an elastic funk ode to the luxurious nightlife, those vivacious Super Freaks, and sexual debauchery. On “Third World Girl” He shows his love to the then recently-departed Bob Marley weaving together faux-reggae rhythms with glitzy synth-pop touches. ‘Midnight Love’ is a cresting wave in the ocean of masterpieces from a legendary master of soul.

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1. Midnight Lady
2. Sexual Healing
3. Rockin’ After Midnight
4. ‘Til Tomorrow
5. Turn On Some Music
6. Third World Girl
7. Joy
8. My Love Is Waiting

1. Clique Games/Rick James (Midnight Lady -Original Version)
2. Sexual Healing (Alternate 12” Version)
3. Sexual Healing (Original Vocal Version)
4. Sexual Healing (Original Vocal Mix)
5. I Bet You Wonder (Rockin’ After Midnight – Original Version)
6. Rockin’ After Midnight (Instrumental Version)
7. Baby, Baby, Baby (‘Til Tomorrow – Original Version)
8. I’ve Got The Music (Turn On Some Music (Original Version)
9. Turn On Some Music (Alternate Vocal Mix)
10. Third World Girl (Reggae Version)
11. Third World Girl (Alternate Vocal Mix)
12. My Love Is Wating (Alternate Vocal Mix)
13. Marvin’s Message To The Cbs Staff
14. Sexual Healing (David Ritz Rehearsal Tape)

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