Randy Crawford Love Songs


Catalog: MOCCD13497
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1987
Genre: Soul
Barcode: 8718627225806

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Blessed with a smooth, creamy voice, Randy Crawford has enjoyed international success and acclaim since age 15. The “Love Songs” kicks off with ’One day I’ll Fly Away’. But it’s not all moodiness and melancholy. Prepare for a heavy dose of 80s flavor and synth in ’Nightline’, philosophy in ’Tradewinds’ and ’Imagine’, a bluesy Bassey-like influence in ’Everything Must Change’ and a jazzy feel on ’I Don’t Want To Lose Him.’ Crawford‘s adult mixture of jazz and R&B emphasises sweet melody over theatrics; it’s a low-key approach that has brought her fame and fortune. True soul from a wonderful singer!

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1 One Day I’ll Fly Away
2 You Might Need Somebody
3 Rainy Night In Georgia
4 Trade Winds
5 He Reminds Me
6 Nightline
7 Windsong
8 Secret Combination
9 Almaz
10 Imagine
11 In Real Life
12 Everything Must Change
13 I Don’t Want To Lose Him
14 Someone To Believe In
15 One Hello
16 Tender Falls The Rain

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