Miles Davis Dark Magus


Catalog: MOCCD 13334
Format: 2 CD
Original release: 1977
Genre: Jazz
Barcode: 8718627223666

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“Dark Magus” is a live double album by American jazz composer and trumpeter Miles Davis. It was recorded on March 30, 1974, at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Davis’ band included most of the members who recorded the classics “Agharta” and “Pangaea”. “Dark Magus” was produced by Teo Macero and featured four two-part recordings titled after Swahili names for the numbers one through four. “Dark Magus” is a jam record as Miles was no longer really rehearsing with his bands; they showed up and caught a whiff of what he wanted and went with the flow. There were no melodies outside of a three-note vamp on “Wili” and a few riff-oriented melodics on “Tatu” — the rest is all deep rhythm-based funk and dark groove. Greasy, mysterious, and full of dark energy.

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1 Moja (Part 1)2 Moja (Part 2)3 Wili (Part 1)4 Wili (Part 2)1 Tatu (Part 1)2 Tatu (Part 2) (“Calypso Frelimo”)3 Nne (Part 1) (“Ife”)4 Nne (Part 2)

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