Ministry Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste


Catalog: MOCCD-14086
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1989
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233283

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This 4th studio album definitively turned Ministry from an electro-industrial dance band into a cutting-edge metal act. The main reason is that it provides the best balance between the Industrial and the Metal halves of Ministry’s work. The Thrashy guitars are now fully integrated into the band’s sound, and Alien Jourgensen’s voice has a Heavy Metal roar. With fusing thrash guitars and the excellent synth and percussion work Ministry lay the foundation for even more followers of the band’s music. The song that best sums up the album as a whole is ‘So What’, an 8 minute epic that combines a furious thrash-metal chorus with quieter extended sample-laden sections. This is such an important release and it heavily influenced music as we hear it today.

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1. Thieves
2. Burning Inside
3. Never Believe
4. Cannibal Song
5. Breathe
6. So What
7. Test
8. Faith Collapsing
9. Dream Song

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