Spearhead Chocolate Supa Highway


Catalog: MOCCD-13872
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1997
Genre: Hip-Hop
Barcode: 0600753884997

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Michael Franti is still shootin’ from the hip on this second album with Spearhead. If you like the first, this one should be a very pleasant discovery. Dark, deep funk meets progressive hip-hop. ‘Chocolate Supa Highway’ seems to be coming from a deeper place than the usual hip-hop fare, and it’s not just rap, although that’s the major force, but some of the songs got this real authentic, slinky ’70s soul sound. From R&B slow jams to fight the power anthems. Spearhead is like adult contemporary political hip-hop who really understands the art of spoken word, and story-telling. This album’s got a spiritual vibe and at the same time it’s Spearhead’s darkest album.

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1. Africa On Line
2. Chocolate Supa Highway
3. Keep Me Lifted
4. Food For Tha Masses
5. U Can’t Sing R Song
6. Tha Payroll (Stay Strong)
7. Madness In Tha Hood (Free Ride)
8. Rebel Music (3 O’clock Roadblock) Feat. Stephen Marley
9. Why Oh Why
10. Comin’ To Gitcha (Featuring Zap Mama)
11. Life Sentence
12. Ganja Babe
13. Wayfarin’ Stranger (Feat. Joan Osborne)
14. Gas Gauge (Tha World’s In Your Hand)
15. Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix)

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