T-Bone Burnett
T-Bone Burnett


Catalog: MOCCD13698
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1986
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 0600753832493

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Texas native T-Bone Burnett is celebrated for his production efforts on the behalf of Gillian Welch, Roy Orbison, Counting Crows, and Elvis Costello. In 1986 he released his fifth album. This self-titled country-folk gem, however, is as good as anything in Burnett’s extensive oeuvre, even if few people have heard it. The sad regret of “The River Of Love,” the moving “Little Daughter,” the melancholy hopefulness of “The Bird I Held In My Hand,” the wonderful lament “I Remember” and “No Love At All”. This is probably T-Bone Burnett’s best overall record. Not a bad song in the bunch with terrific covers from Tom Waits’ “Time”, Bob Neuwirth’s “Annabelle Lee,” and country standard “Poison Love”.

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1. River Of Love
2. Poison Love
3. Shake Yourself Loose
4. No Love At All
5. Annabelle Lee
6. I Remember (Instrumental)
7. I Remember
8. Little Daughter
9. Oh No Darling
10. Time
11. Little Daughter (Instrumental)
12. Song To A Dead Man
13. Bird That I Held In My Hand


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T-Bone Burnett

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