Axe Offering


Catalog: MOCCD-14243
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1982
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627235409

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In 1982 Axe put Gainesville, FL. on the map with their third album ‘Offering’ which brought them real recognition thanks to the hit single “Rock n’ Roll Party In The Streets.” The album was written by Axe founder and lead singer/ lead guitarist Bobby Barth with an exception for the cover “I Got The Fire” which was written by Montrose. Axe‘s sound is rocking, melodic, and radio friendly with driving guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and pounding bass and drums with the keyboards in the background as any good Hard Rock release should have them. The album opener “Rock n’ Roll Party In The Streets” was a hit, but songs like “Holdin’ On” and “Steal Another Fantasy” could just as easily have become hit singles.

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1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party in the Streets
2. Video Inspiration
3. Steal Another Fantasy
4. Jennifer
5. I Got the Fire
6. Burn the City Down
7. Now or Never
8. Holdin’ On
9. Silent Soldiers

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