Fear Of God Within The Veil


Catalog: MOCCD-14194
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627234020

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Following her exit from Détente, Dawn Crosby left RoadRunner Records together with guitarist Mike Carlino, her partner at the time, to form Fear of God aiming to become one of the leading bands for Warner Brothers in 1991. Their debut album ‘Within The Veil’ , is considered to be Crosby’s best work with props to guitarist Mike Carlino for his both clean and distorted guitar, varying tempos, and a little odd-time signatures. From the opening spoken words to the frenzied exodus of “Drift” it is obvious who the star is here. Dawn‘s tortured soul is bared as she lashes out at a world that’s no longer hers. Dawn Crosby was one hell of a frontwoman, pouring all roiling emotions into her performances until her life ended in 1996 on liver failure associated with a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

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1. All That Remains
2. Betrayed
3. Emily
4. Red To Grey
5. Diseased
6. Wasted Time
7. Love’s Death
8. White Door
9. Drift

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