Heathen Victims Of Deception


Catalog: MOCCD-14196
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627234037

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This album, Heathen’s second, does nothing but confirm what a fucking shame it is that this band died an early death not very long after its release. ‘Victims Of Deception’ features a powerful, clear, and professional sounding production, and upon conclusion it´s a high quality 10 track nearly 65 min. long!!! thrash metal release. The guitarwork done by Lee Altus and Doug Piercy is spectacular with real heavy mid to fast tempo riffs, impressive virtuosic guitar solos and really strong melodic vocals by David White. For those who think this band is a generic thrash band, there’s a great ballad on this album “Prisoner Of Fate” and also great guitar instrumental, “Guitarmony”. Overall this is a very strong album by a unjustly remained too unknown and underrated metal band.

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1. Hypnotized
2. Opiate Of The Masses
3. Heathen’s Song
4. Kill The King
5. Fear Of The Unknown
6. Prisoners Of Fate
7. Morbid Curiosity
8. Guitarmony
9. Mercy Is No Virtue
10. Timeless Cell Of Prophecy

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