G Love & Special Sauce Electric Mile


Catalog: MOCCD 13327
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2001
Genre: Hip-Hop
Barcode: 8718627223550

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Like G Love & Special Sauce‘s previous albums “The Electric Mile” (2001) isn’t easy to categorize. Is it alternative rock psychedelic rock retro-soul funk or hip-hop? Actually this diverse and unpredictable CD is a combination of all those genres – and besides that the group also shows its appreciation of reggae blues and folk. True to form vocalist G Love and his colleagues keep things unpredictable; you never know from one song to the next if they will tend to favor retro-soul (“Night of the Living Dead”) hip-hop (“Parasite”, “Electric Mile”) folk-rock (“Sara’s Song”) psychedelic blues- rock (“Poison”) or reggae (“Unified”). The impressive thing is that G Love can go in so many different directions and never fail to sound distinctive which is something he has in common with greats such as Prince and David Bowie.

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1 Unified2 Praise Up3 Night Of The Living Dead4 Parasite5 Hopeless Case6 Free At Last7 Shy Girl8 Rain Jam9 Electric Mile10 Sara’s Song11 100 Magic Rings12 Poison13 Free At Last (Reprise)

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