Urban Dance Squad Persona Non Grata


Catalog: MOCCD 13267
Format: 2 CD
Original release: 1994
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627222836

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1986, a couple of days before the end of the year. A band from no one heard of before stepped onto a small stage in their hometown Utrecht, The Netherlands, during a small festival and blew everyone in the room away. They called themselves Urban Dance Squad. That night brought about a whole new sound and style in music no one ever heard before. It would change the way people listen to music forever. Some people called their music Rock, others heard more of Hip Hop and Funk, another group of people heard Ska rhythms or even Heavy Metal, Grunge and Rock & Roll. One thing is for sure, there would never be such a crossover band as this group of extraordinary guys giving it their all and bringing together such a diverse group of fans into one room. Strangely enough Urban Dance Squad was over-looked by the media. Even though they had a growing and faithful fan-base, they weren’t able to take their music to the next level. It is not like they didn’t do everything they could to make it work! Touring in Europe and the US, getting raving reviews. Some of their songs were used in Big Motion Pictures, and appear on several soundtracks. The world wasnít ready for them is the only plausible conclusion. Years after UDS recorded their first album, bands like Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage against the Machine emerged. Openly admitting their inspiration source being UDS.

Their 3rd album released in 1994 and perhaps the roughest metal infused rock/rap album they ever made. This album includes their all-time hit singles “Demagogue” and “Good Grief” as well as “Selfstyled”. Perhaps a little too much to take in in one go at first, but “taken in measured doses, the funky beats are guaranteed to move your booty, while the roaring guitars clear your sinuses.” (Allmusic.com). This MOCD release included a live album, recorded in Chicago 1995 and 2 bonus alternate takes of “Demagogue”!3

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1 Demagogue2 Good Grief3 No Honestly!4 Alienated5 Candy Strip Exp6 Selfsufficient Snake7 (Some) Chitchat8 Burnt Up Cigarette9 Selfstyled10 Mugshot11 Hangout12 Downer1 Mugshot2 Good Grief3 Some Chitchat4 Boyz In Bandz5 On The Downlow6 Brainstorm On The Uds7 Prayer For My Demo8 Alienated9 Candy Strip Experience10 Demagogue11 Selfsufficient Snake12 Hangout13 No Honestly14 Downer

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