Indigo Girls All That We Let In


Catalog: MOCCD 13028
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2004
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627220276

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Nearly 20 years on, and Indigo Girls are still spinning their dualistic tales of love, anger, and life. Over the years, the formula has had its bouts with rigidity — for a while there, it even threatened to reach obsolescence. But Emily Saliers and Amy Ray did a wise thing with 2002’s Become You, returning to the threads of personal experience that had made their folk-rock tapestry so strong in the first place. There are still demons in their world, which they take on with typical pluck. “Dairy Queen” deals again with relational drama, while “Tether” is live-wire raw with its Crazy Horse distortion and desperate foment. “Do we tether the hawk, do we tether the dove?” Ray and guest vocalist Joan Osborne wonder. A neighbor spits out his chaw. “We need a few less words dear,” he says. “We need a few more guns.” This album proves Indigo Girls haven’t lost a step even as they look back to their musical roots.

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1 Fill It Up Again2 Heartache For Everyone3 Free In You4 Perfect World5 All That We Let In6 Tether7 Come On Hom E8 Dairy Queen9 Something Real10 Cordova11 Rise Up

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