Joe Satriani Engines Of Creation


Catalog: MOCCD-13932
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2000
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627231401

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This is a very progressive, modern rock record that deserves some respect and recognition. “Devil’s Slide” is an awesome opener, “Flavor Crystal” and “Borg Sex” continue to rock, and then things get mellow with “Until We Say Goodbye”. This is certainly a well-balanced record. It’s surprising how much the keys, percussion, and programming actually make this album. In the end, the guitar edges out the synthesizers, with leads as piercing as ever, sometimes more so, as if Satriani is driven to invent the state-of-the-art instruments required for consciousness-altering laser surgery. With this release, Joe got his foot into a modern and nice sound and continues to sound relevant.

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1. Devil’s Slide
2. Flavor Crystal 7
3. Borg Sex
4. Until We Say Goodbye
5. Attack
6. Champagne?
7. Clouds Race Across The Sky
8. The Power Cosmic-Part I
9. The Power Cosmic-Part II
10. Slow And Easy
11. Engines Of Creation

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