Joe Satriani Not Of This Earth


Catalog: MOCCD-13893
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1986
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627230787

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‘Not Of This Earth’ was Joe Satriani‘s debut album and it are an eclectic collection of songs. Since Satch didn’t have a ton of money to make this recording for around 5K, the songs have simple drums/percussion and he plays bass on the tracks as well as the guitar. A refreshing and multi-faceted first album from electric guitar’s foremost virtuoso. Satriani‘s music refuses to be pigeonholed into a particular genre. He tosses around rock, metal, funk, fusion, prog rock and blues with the ease of a juggler and never drops a note. With this debut album, Satch already proves to us there is nothing that he cannot do. Satch‘s wonderful career pretty much starts here, and is worth a closer listen.

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1. Not Of This Earth
2. The Snake
3. Rubina
4. Memories
5. Brother John
6. The Enigmatic
7. Driving At Night
8. Hordes Of Locusts
9. New Day
10. The Headless Horseman

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